Praise God!

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Call to Worship

By Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

Let’s praise God! Let’s sing! Let’s laugh!

Praise God!

God, you mend our broken hearts

when we feel sad, when we are hurt,

when friendships end, when things change,

when beloved people and pets die.

You are always right here, holding us in your loving arms.

Praise God!

God, you wipe away our tears,

and turn our sadness into joy.

Your Spirit is like the wind in my hair

as I speed down the street on my bike.

It is the hope I feel when I listen to an uplifting song.

Praise God!

Let’s praise God!

With water fights and cart wheels, chalk art and lego creations.

Let’s sing!

Sad songs and silly songs, love songs and resistance songs, nursery rhymes and praise songs!

Let’s Laugh!

Because there is joy and delight all around!

Praise God!

Let us worship together.

© 2020 Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, all rights reserved. Please contact for permission to reprint, which will typically be granted for non-profit uses.

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